We are not just another chess coaching website. We teach you how to win at chess like a master.
It is time to take your chess game to the next level.

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Chess coaching is a very popular form of online learning.
It thrives in large communities and is highly sought after by people who would like to sharpen their skills. I offer both semi-structured online classes and live, in-person classes.
My goal is to help students who are interested in improving their skills while improving their life. I enjoy working with student's flexibility when it comes to schedule and style of learning, I hope to continuously improve my art of coaching so that others can realize their potential and reach their goals quicker than ever before.

About the Coach

Mr. Harish Kumar

I have been a chess coach for 15 years now, and I know exactly what you need to do to improve your game. I have trained more than 800+ students worldwide and completed 10k hours of online chess classes !!

What is a good chess coach?

We know what makes top players successful. We have developed creative and effective chess strategies. Our teaching methods are unique and effective, and we make every effort to tailor them to the specific need of each student.

Let us work together! Your unique learning plan is just a click away!


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